We sometimes go magnet fishing to some random place, thinking ‘Hey this is a cool spot it has water let’s go here’. Other times, we do a lot of research.

This is mostly Spiff’s job (also called ‘Research Man’. Zero points for originality there..), going through legal texts (old and new), military reports (both subjective reports from civilian eye witnesses and technical debriefing reports from the military), massive amounts of maps (again, old and new, comparing the two) and a lot of other technical documents you’ll never hear about untill you start magnet fishing on this level. That’s one of the reasons we call ourselves magneteers, and not magnet fishers.

Here you find the details of heavily researched magnet fishing spots, why we went there, and what we found. Obviously, these pages are subject to a password. If you knew how many hours were invested in these projects, you’d understand.

Schipdonkkanaal 1940

Wetteren 1944

Leopoldkanaal 1944