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This is an overview of all dredging activities performed by the VMM since the 1980’s. Keep in mind that the VMM only governs the non-navigable waterways in Flanders, so basicly mostly small rivers and streams for example.



This is an overview of ‘all’ dredging activities performed by the Vlaamse Waterweg (formerly known as Waterwegen en Zeekanalen) Bovenschelde District since the 1980’s. The Vlaamse Waterweg governs all navigable waterways in Flanders. However, they’re a very obstructive organisation and say no to basicly everything. So, at the moment I only have the dredging info of the Bovenschelde district, I’ll have to apply an official request for the other regions as well. What doesn’t help is that they admitted they ‘don’t really keep track of everything’, so the list could be as complete or as incomplete as they want it to be. Yeah.. They’re pretty worthless.

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