Who or what are the Roestrukkers?

Welcome to the Roestrukkers page! Our motto is: Maten, Makkers, Magneetvissen! You’d get if you spoke Dutch.

The site is not really meant for the big audience. It’s mostly a central database of all activities and finds of the Roestrukkers (Dutch for ‘rust jerkers’. You’d get if you spoke Dutch. Please learn it.).

Most pages are password-protected. Contact me if you want the password, with some background about yourself, and you’ll most likely get access. We do open up the site to fellow enthousiasts, and there are pages open to the public as well, so take a look around!


Spiff, out.

About us:

Around 2009 magnet fishing took off in the Netherlands. Didn’t take much time for Top Puller (not his real name, obviously; he is the current all-time Top Puller for finding the most and coolest stuff) to pick it up around 2012/2013 and get us all hooked.

Now, several years, plenty ‘OH MY JEZUS WHAT IS THIS’ finds and quite some back injuries later, we’ve covered a large amount of locations. We take pride in doing this ‘the right way’: we follow the law (when possible, the law isn’t always clear when it comes to magnet fishing), and we do it clean. We throw away all junk, report all archeologically interesting finds and finds related to crimes with obvious victims and try not to be a nuisance to the local population.

Our focus now is on historical finds and finding ways to make magnet fishing fun for us ànd useful for society, in whatever way, and we take this pretty damn far. That’s why we like to refer to ourselves as Magneteers (from Magnet, Musketeer, Pioneer and Tirer – French for ‘to pull’), instead of Magnet Fishers.

It’s also more suitable semantically, because we don’t fish for magnets, we fish with magnets. Also, we don’t only fish, we use other techniques as well. So remember: Magneteers!

We are quite keen on secrecy, because we’re not keen on sharing our finds and locations with outsiders or people we don’t trust (not too uncommon amongst metal detectorists), so a lot of stuff here is password protected. Get on our good side, and you might gain access to the goodies if you’re interested.

So that’s us in a nutshell. It felt sort of rude not saying anything about who we are.

‘PULLING!!!’ — Random Roestrukker in action

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